Kings Throw’N "KING" Edition Draggin’ Bags BEAST “KTDB”

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KING Edition “KTDB” BEAST Draggin' Cornhole Bags

These are not just your typical cornhole bags!! THESE ARE WEAPONS!!!       They are crafted by one of the most talented beings to ever stand foot in the cornhole kingdom. His name is "THE BagSmith"... He ONLY arises for special callings such as this!!! These bags are skillfully forged from the depths of his lair of dragons. It has taken a KING to awake him to build these perfect creations! They are truly made to be fit for a King and now if you're lucky... They can be yours!! 

These "#KTDBbags will truly help you #incineratethecompetition

#KingsThrowN #DragginBags #Beast

The "KING" Version of the Kings Throw'N Draggin' bags Beast series is here for you now!

This is the bag made by a KING for a KING to throw!! DK threw these exact bags at the ACL world championships in 21! Made by the bagsmith himself Mattie King!! 

There will only be 25 of each color EVER made for the public! So DO NOT miss out on this extremely rare bag.

These bags have a quick fast side and a very nice carpet slow side.. They are very controllable on the boards and feel great in the hand! 

Items will take Approximately 2-4 weeks weeks to ship from when you order!!